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DPC Alliance Member Discounts





"Helping providers offer more patients the option to modify their allergic disease instead of managing symptoms... [u]sing the La Crosse Method™ Practice Protocol, developed by our founder, Dr. David Morris."

 - 10% off skin testing supplies
 - Sublingual immunotherapy treatment training
 - Practice marketing support & services

Blue Ocean Health Services

"We offer white labeling of our [daily COVID-19 screening] app for other practices to use for their employer groups and patients."

 - 10% discount on Personalized app for your practice to use for daily COVID-19 screening for employer groups or individual patients


"Cleerly Coronary goes beyond traditional measures of heart disease by enabling comprehensive quantification and characterization of plaque buildup in each of the heart arteries."

Using machine learning to diagnose, prevent and manage coronary artery disease. (Adjunct to a coronary CTA).

 - Patients of DPCA members have $750 cash pay pricing for full analysis and reporting


  - Extended trial period for their cognitive assessment tools


"Medmo connects patients with accredited imaging partners. We book appointments and ensure patient follow through. Your team spends more time on delivering care."

 - DPCA Members get completely free access to the Medmo discounted imaging network and coordination services free for 24 months

- Service availability limited to 


"Qardio provides physicians with an end-to-end RPM and telehealth service to manage chronic care patients. We do all the hard work, so you can work more efficiently and improve patient outcomes."

 - $59 per month for 3 providers/logins

 - Up to 25% off on Qardio devices


"A comprehensive test menu followed by rapid result reporting. Our surgical pathology team has extensive experience and knowledge in Dermatology, Urology, Cytology, and Gastrointestinal pathology."

 - Preferred Cash Pricing on Pathology Services

Mercedes Scientific

 - Urine Drug Sample testing cups $2.17/cup, free shipping, no minimum


"Make personalized medication decisions with the help of the RightMed® Test. Covering 100+ medications, this pharmacogenomic (PGx) test analyzes a patient’s DNA and provides insights to assist you when you are selecting medications for that patient."

 - $50 discount off the RightMed test


"At SkinIO, our mission is to make skin cancer screening and skin health monitoring accessible, whether at the doctor’s office or in the comfort of home. So that more people proactively engage with their skin health and more lives are saved."

 - $50 off initiation fee

 - 20% off SkinLite accessories

SHL Telemedicine - Smartheart Pro ECG

"The first wireless 12-lead hospital grade ECG device. Clinical quality, quick, and easy to use. Simple prolonged QT testing."

2 Year Term

  • $1,449 Device Purchase
  • $300 Annual Platform Fee- Unlimited non interpreted ECGs
  • (1st year waived for DPC)
  • Preliminary Review Service included

$50 Setup Fee (waived)

1 Year Standard Warranty included

Highly recommended: 1 year Extended Warranty available for $200

TZ Medical

"We simplify cardiac monitoring so you can spend less time managing data and more time treating your patients."

 - $5 off per Holter Monitor Test

VitalFlo Health

"Designed with Direct Care Physicians in mind, RapidPFT by VitalFlo is a portable, handheld bluetooth-connected spirometer enabling providers to do a full loop PFT in under 3 minutes, anytime and anywhere, with real-time reporting of results Screen more patients quickly and with relatively little set-up required, saving valuable time while improving quality of care for patients."

DPCA members can get a 20% off on the first 12 months of an annual or monthly subscription.

Neoteric Health

"A cloud based, tightly integrated solution comprising Omnichannel Telemedicine, Scheduling and Documenting. Neoteric enables frictionless experience for both Patient and Physician."

 - 20% discount

 - currently offering 6-months free for DPCA members as a means to communicate with patients through the course of the COVID pandemic


"RingRx HIPAA compliant phone system makes it easy to engage your patients — anywhere, anytime."

 - 20% off pricing


"Healthcare communication designed for modern clinics. Securely connect and communicate with your patients and teammates from anywhere."

  - NEW USERS: 20% off monthly plan

 - CURRENT USERS: 20% off annual plan

Medcurity, Inc.

 - 30% of annual subscription (up to $2,400 savings)

 - Good thru Dec 31, 2020

Lofty Learning

 "[Lofty Learning is] a paid subscription live webinar education service with active Q & A sessions, and make the webinars available as a curated library (and add podcasts to allow for listening when webinar watching is not practical)."

Reduce the need pay for billable legal counsel hours through direct education on forming innovative (and compliant) private direct practice model, concierge, DPC, connected care, health data tracking and guidance, behavior modification/health coaching, and integrative health solutions. 

$195 discount on annual fee for the full course package

Medical Device Depot

"Medical Device Depot is different. Our knowledgeable sales and service representatives are fully trained to answer all of your questions about the products in our extensive catalog. Our priority is ensuring you feel confident about every purchase. We’re committed to providing you with a worry-free, pleasant experience."

 - 5% discount on purchases

"Supplying healthcare professionals with the PPE and community support you need."

 - 10% discount on PPE from the Stock List linked here.

 Prepared Physician

"Prepared Physician laceration repair kits are hospital-grade, disposable, sterile, and complete. They allow for management of multiple wound types: scalp, facial, body, multi layer lacerations, skin tears, abscesses, and more. The contents are sourced from reputable US suppliers."

 - 10% Discount

ARJ Infusion

"ARJ's Mission: To provide caring, comprehensive, cost-conscious infusion therapy to people affected by chronic conditions."

 - Assistance with determining insurance coverage and pharmaceutical discounts for infusion therapies

Happy Dad’s Vasectomy Clinic

"A Clearly Priced, No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomy" clinic opened and staffed by a DPC doctor (and fellow DPCA member) who saw a need in his community and his region and launched an awesome side hustle.

 - $125 discount for patients referred by DPCA members

Prescription Bliss

"Our team works directly with physicians, prescribers and participating medication drug providers across the United States to help eliminate or reduce the financial burden of high-cost prescriptions."

 - $4 off of the Prescription Bliss membership per month for patients of DPCA physicians


"We have made every effort to ensure that our in office doctor dispensing program is easy to set up and easy to use. In most states, properly licensed healthcare providers can quickly and easily implement our direct dispensing program."

 - Exclusive preferred pricing on hundreds of medications 
Thought Blossoms

Hand made customized medical alert bracelets for patients.  Heather Yoki, Owner/Designer of Thought Blossoms, makes each piece herself. 

 - 15% discount for patients ordering personalized medical alert jewelry.

ENSO Doctors

"We offer a wide range of innovative, and affordable medical solutions with an emphasis on regenerative products, backed by university science and research."

 - 10% discount on PRP Kits

 - Free shipping on orders over $500

 - $400 savings for order of 10 kits ($99 per kit)

Own Sleep Medicine

"Our “why” is simple… We formed our team specifically to provide a patient-centric healthcare experience with convenient options and affordable care. In everything that we do, our team is focused on putting the patient first. Through this focus, we aim to help people wake up for the things, people, and experiences that they love."

 - Home Sleep Tests ($150)

 - Full AutoCPAP Packages ($650)

Somno Services, LLC.

"Because we do not accept health insurance we can cut through all the red tape and provide you with high quality rental Sleep Apnea testing equipment at a reduced price..."

$25 dollar discount on our testing services

Terracore DPC

"We work exclusively with DPC clinics and understand the specific needs of their patients. We offer the lowest prices possible to support your patients; because we are willing to operate at much reduced margins to support cash-pay customers."

  - $30 off Auto Pap kit (machine, mask, year supply of filters, year supply of tubes)

Salamander Digital

 - 3 months package for ad management + optimization, lead follow up/nurturing, scheduling + reminders for $1500/month ($500 discount) for getting started and letting us use them as a case study for future DPC's. (Please note, this does not include monthly ad spend.)

Strands of Silver Co.
- $500 discount on a comprehensive branding packages. Our packages are comprehensive, including everything from a custom-designed logo to a color palette for marketing and business communications.


"The biggest flaw in today’s healthcare system is the expectation that one doctor has all of the answers. CrowdMed provides the solution to this. By giving patients access to a wide variety of medical expertise in one place, we save patients time and money by avoiding unnecessary doctor visits and treatments, getting them back to health much faster than the traditional medical system."

15% Discount on Services for patients of DPC Alliance members 


"We were founded in 2013 with a driving vision of democratizing medical expertise so that providers can offer every patient the care they deserve. Seven years later, we are furthering this mission with the industry-leading eConsult platform, supported by a best-in-class specialist panel, strategic partnerships, top investors and a smart, passionate team."

 - $50 off monthly subscription fee

NOTE - members currently paying $350/month can obtain this discount. If paying less than $350/month the discount does not apply at this time

The Medical Letter

"The Medical Letter is a nonprofit organization that relies solely on subscription fees and donations to support our mission of providing objective, practical, and timely information on drugs and therapeutics."

 - 25% discount on subscriptions


Our eConsult platform allows PCPs to ask specialists questions ahead of referral decisions without leaving their EMR. Please note that we are not yet able to offer our services to Louisiana, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, and Tennessee

$25 per month discount  

Bankers Healthcare Group

"As a Direct Primary Care Alliance member, you've gained easy access to a suite of financial solutions just for healthcare professionals - from a company that understands your unique needs and goes the extra mile to provide the service you deserve."

 - Preferred rates on loans, product packages, and/or credit card accounts.

Best Card Payment

Best Card was founded in 2009 and is proud to be family owned. With over 25 years combined experience in the payments industry along with competitive processing rates, we are proud to be a leader in the merchant services industry.

Preferred pricing on payment processing and discount savings


"Gusto makes it easy to onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team."

3 month free trial

Your Accountant

"Your Accountant, based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, provides a full range of tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services." Working with a number of DPC practices across the U.S. 

 -  $500 off proactive tax planning


 - 25% off consultation services

TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (EMRs,  Productivity Solutions, etc.)  

Akute Health

"Stop stitching together tools built for the previous generation of healthcare. We've built the infrastructure so you can focus on delivering value to your patients."

 - 10% discount for this DPC tailored EMR


"Managing inventory has traditionally been a complicated process for the medical office. FlexScanMD changes all that. Though still full-featured FlexScanMD offers it's users nearly effortless inventory management."

 - 20% discount on monthly subscription fee 

"Use TextExpander’s powerful snippets and abbreviations to streamline and speed all you type. Create powerful snippets to save you time so that all you type is a short abbreviation, and TextExpander does the rest of the typing for you."

  - 20% discount 
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