The Direct Primary Care Alliance launched on January 1, 2018 as a physician-led organization exclusively focused on growing the Direct Primary Care (DPC) movement. The Alliance was born from a grassroots network of practicing DPC physicians looking to provide a unified voice and resources for fellow DPC physicians. The motivations for launching the Alliance can be found in remarks from our inaugural president, W. Ryan Neuhofel, DO, MPH:

We now realize the transformative potential of the DPC model and are at the advent of moving beyond novelty. But, many hurdles exist for us to achieve that vision. The challenges ahead of us are immense. Yet I can think of no better group of people to overcome these odds.

We have grown to over 300 members in our first year, with a majority being family physicians who own an independent DPC practice. You can read more about the make-up of our membership here.

In addition to providing a voice to the independent, physician-led DPC movement, we provide our members a number of resources to help them start & grow DPC practices




Ryan Neuhofel, DO MPH of Lawrence, KS |  President

Julie Gunther, MD of Boise, ID  |  Vice President

Amy Walsh, MD of Raleigh, NC |  Treasurer

Allison Edwards, MD of Kansas City, KS |  Secretary