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We are so excited you found us.

One mission of the Direct Primary Care Alliance is education. While there are many resources about independent medicine and how to start your own DPC clinic available, it was the hope of the leadership (and membership) of the DPCA at its inception that, over time, the DPCA would evolve to be the resource for all things DPC.

The DPC University was launched in 2019 as one facet of the educational mission of the DPC Alliance and continues to evolve and expand. The DPC Alliance convenes "writer's workshops" intermittently to review, update, and expand the content of the University.  If you are a member and are interested in helping, please contact our Executive Director Tiffany Leonard, MD.

The following documents are the result of the work of many physicians (and a few "friends"), who generously gave their mind-share, experience, and time to create the “U”.

A big thanks to the following who wrote, edited, contributed and provided content for the University:

  • Dr. Staci Benson
  • Dr. Kissi Blackwell
  • Dr. Michael Ciampi
  • Mrs. Christine Davenport
  • Dr. Jeffrey Davenport
  • Dr. Allison Edwards
  • Dr. Jack Forbush
  • Dr. James Gaor
  • Dr. Michael Garrett
  • Mr. Joe Grundy
  • Dr. Julie Gunther
  • Dr. Kirby Farnsworth
  • Mrs. Erin Lassey
  • Dr. Vance Lassey
  • Dr. Tiffany Leonard
  • Dr. Marcy Meyer
  • Dr. Ryan Neuhofel
  • Dr. Shane Purcell
  • Dr. Kenneth Qiu
  • Dr. Clodagh Ryan
  • Dr. Alex Santiago
  • Dr. Creighton Shute
  • Dr. Kelsey Smith
  • Dr. Thanh Taylor
  • Dr. Luke Van Kirk
The DPC Alliance is a Maine based nonprofit membership association.

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