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DPCA Group Purchasing Program (GPP)

We are proud to announce the launch of the DPCA Group Purchasing Program (GPP), developed in partnership with Henry Schein. This partnership grew out of the positive existing relationships that a number of DPC Alliance members already had with the Henry Schein team. The GPP exists solely to make life easier—and practice operations more affordable—for our members.

By enrolling in the DPCA Group Purchasing Program our members can take advantage of incredible pricing for goods and services to meet their needs across the entire span of running their unique practices. 

Additionally, the members will gain access to the following through participating in the DPCA GPP:

  • Worry-Free Guarantee Influenza Vaccine Ordering
  • Coordinated Medical Waste Disposal
  • Lab & Pharmacy Discount Programs
  • Henry Schein's Solution Hub Partnerships
    • Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
    • Practice-based Infection Protection & Environmental Monitoring Solutions
    • Administrative Streamlining Solutions
The DPC Alliance is a Maine based nonprofit membership association.

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