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Lab Corp GPO pricing - incorrect codes

  • 3 May 2022 12:36 PM
    Message # 12765488

    Our office is very appreciative of the GPO discounted pricing with LabCorp.  Such a blessing for our patients to be able to offer lab testing at such a discount.  

    We are a very new DPC clinic and we have the excel file of pricing sent to us in January, 2022, but have run into a couple issues.  Some of the the testing codes in the excel file are not orderable codes in the LabCorp test catalog (for example 160326 for Lyme testing which is around $10).  The code in the LabCorp catalog 164226 lyme w/ reflex is not in the excel file and when ordered, resulted in a charge of over $100 to our office which was more than the cost of any of the listed options in the excel file for Lyme testing.

    Another example is code 237393 for a TSH, Free T3 and Free T4.  If the TSH is 4 or more 237393 also reflexes to a TPO antibody.  This test is about $10.  In the labcorp test catalog test 301927 appears to order the same tests but is 6-7x the cost.  I don't understand the reason for the price difference. 

    This has caused a few very costly mistakes for our office.   

    Is there an updated sheet with more updated codes?  Appreciate any insight that can be shed on this issue. 

  • 13 May 2022 9:46 AM
    Reply # 12779053 on 12765488

    Good Morning, for any specific GPO agreements with either Quest or LABCORP, please direct those to me - .  Most of these issues/inquiries are very specific and require input from the vendor directly.  

    Thank you.

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