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  • 8 Apr 2022 11:03 AM
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    Deleted user

    DPCA members,

    Happy Friday!

    I want to first thank Joe Grundy for creating this DPCA GPP discussion forum. Joe, your hard work and dedication to giving all of the members of the DPCA GPP a place to ask questions and get answers regarding medical, lab supplies along with equipment and pharma is going to be a huge benefit for all. Thank you!

    My name is Gunnar Brown for those who may not know me yet. I'm your dedicated Henry Schein sales rep (if you already have a Henry Schein rep, they will stay your rep if you choose). I reside in Omaha, NE with my amazingly talented wife and 3 beautiful children (Nolan 11, Briley 9, Alexus 4). I've been in the medical sales industry for 10+ years and I've been with Henry Schein for 8+ of those years. 


    The DPCA GPP has been in the works since early 2020. This program launched to the DPCA members in April of 2021. The whole idea of the program was to convince my leadership and the leadership of Advantage Trust (GPO) to look at the DPCA members as one, instead of 400+ individual clinics/business owners so that we could harness your potential purchasing power and negotiate better deals on the products you purchase to run your clinics. Joe Grundy, Dr. Amber Beckenhauer, Dr. Julie Gunther, Ian Leister (Advantage Trust/GPO Rep),  my team and I sat down (virtually) and ironed out all the details. In the first week of it's inception we had over 130 members enroll, which we consider a huge success. Since then we've had 42 more members enroll. The more members we have enrolled and purchasing, the more ammunition I have to keep getting this program better pricing for all DPCA members. I'm not saying we are going to be the cheapest on every single item, every single time. But, were the program pricing sits now, we're going to be highly competitive on majority of items. Again, the more DPCA members we have purchasing, the better chance I'm going to have to keep driving down the current pricing you see today.


    As with anything new we quickly realized where our shortfalls and gaps in the program were. One, it was cumbersome and time consuming to get enrolled and setup to start ordering. Two, we didn't have a good platform that allowed us to communicate with one another. I would get a great question via email from a DPCA member and I didn't have anyway to communicate the answer to all those enrolled in the program, so communication was lacking.

    My team always knew this was a "living" program and we would continue to find ways to make it better and I believe we've done just that.

    We've streamlined the enrollment process which I'll break down in a follow up post just after this one, and Joe has created this communication platform which will allow me and Ian to answer questions for everyone to see as well as allow us to shed insight on the latest trends, supply chain issues, discounts, and any other host of topics we/you can think of. 

    Thank you:

    I know I speak for so many who have been involved in getting this program up and running, we can't thank you enough for your participation. You and your clinics are the lifeblood not only of the DPCA GPP, but also the future of healthcare, I truly believe that. The true Doctor/patient relationship you have with your customers, brining the cost of healthcare down, meeting the needs of your communities is all part of changing how we perceive healthcare. Overly expensive hospital care, sky rocking insurance costs have given you trend setters a beautiful opportunity to be the change. Ian and I want to do our part and be a part of your mission! 

    Here are a list of future posts you can expect to see in the coming days.

    1. How to enroll through the new enrollment process.

    2. Introduction from Ian Leister and how/what role the Advantage Trust plays in the DPCA GPP.

    3. Pre-booking flu vaccine for next flu season.

    4. Medical supply, POC lab, and medical equipment options and opportunities.

    5. DPCA only discounts.

    Feel free to start asking Ian and myself any questions you may have. We will post our answers to this forum for all to see:) If you have a specific question that would only pertain to you/your account, please email me at 

    Thank you,

    Gunnar Brown

  • 12 Apr 2022 5:46 PM
    Reply # 12705823 on 12699977

    Thanks, Gunnar! I’m so glad you all are working to streamline the process! I’ve had a couple of new DPC docs ask about my great lab discounts, and I’ve sent them to the DPCA GPP, only to have them report back to me that they had trouble getting enrolled. I hate to think that my colleagues were discouraged to set up with the GPP, because I use it all the time, and love the program!

  • 13 Apr 2022 7:56 AM
    Reply # 12706451 on 12699977
    Deleted user

    Dr. Meyer,

    That means so much to hear. I truly love working with you and if there’s anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    Now that we have this streamlined process in place, it makes it 100x easier to get enrolled. For those that might reach out to you to get enrolled. Please provide them this link and this will take them right to the automated enrollment.



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